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Tvgos not updating

Insert a blank DVD-RW (VR mode) and simply press “One Touch Copy” when playing a title.

Once “Hi-Speed Copy” appears on screen, you can press “Stop” (then press “Display” to watch the copying process).

The company with so much love it changed its name to fool its fans is at it again, this time killing the signal that provides guide data directly to many televisions and set-top boxes.

You see, before changing its name from Macsion, Rovi acquired Gemstar-TV guide in 2008 -- which was probably most well known for the integrated program guide common in higher end TVs throughout the last decade.

The service disc GGV1179 available on public torrent sites is outdated and often corrupt, I suggest contacting Hakan at for advice on where to find a service disc if Pioneer won't sell you one (better version for the 633 is GGV1256).

These two Pioneer service tool requirements are solvable with some effort, and work fine to repair and upgrade most Pioneer recorders, EXCEPT the 531-533-633.

There are many forums discussing how to improve stability but, again, if you've found this post then it is likely already too late for those discussions. My understanding is that this will format the drive and the existing media will be destroyed.Try the hardware reset: hold down the stop button (under the disc tray) and press the power button.The recorder will reboot, and you'll need to reset the clock, the MN speeds, and other initial options.That's because as of November 1st, all the PBS affiliates that were passing on the signal were asked to return their equipment to Rovi, with little to no explanation as to why.Worse, there seems to have been a complete lack of customer communications to help people prepare for the loss of service (maybe the ad space in the guide could've been put to good use for once?

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Related, the Channel Master DVR ships with a mere 16GB of flash storage, good for 2 hours of HD recording and the ability to pause live television for up to 15 minutes.

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