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But if it does, don't panic – we've got you covered.Read on to learn how to fix common problems with Windows updates.If you’re trying to update your Apple Watch software to the latest version, you might get stuck.Some users are reporting that the update starts and then just seems to hang there, like a diver never quite ready to take the plunge. The update — which goes through your i Phone — requires that you use Wi-Fi for the download.There are a few reasons why the process might be interrupted, perhaps there has been a power cut, maybe there isn’t adequate space available on your Mac (we always recommend that you don’t install with less than 10GB free or your Mac may struggle with the installation), or maybe there are some other problems with your Mac (its worth running Disk Utility prior to updating just in case).It’s always wise to run through these checks before you perform an operating system update on a Mac: How to prepare your Mac for a mac OS installation.First of all, updating your Apple Watch to the latest operating system is pretty simple. That’s not clearly stated anywhere, as far as we can tell, so if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, that could be what’s causing your upgrade to stall.Launch your Apple Watch app on your i Phone, tap on General, and then on Software Update. If it finds one, tap on Download and Install, and let the i Phone app do its thing. To successfully update your smartwatch’s OS, first be sure your Apple Watch is in range of your i Phone.

Its worth bearing in mind that when Apple releases a new update to the mac OS a lot of people will rush to update, which can cause problems with Apple’s servers, so your first port of call could be to check the System Status page here and look for mac OS Software Update to see if there are any known issues.Tried to download and update the first [Apple Watch] update and it just gets stuck on the download, i.e. The watch should be connected to its charging cable and the battery should be powered up to at least 50 percent.No progress on the bar and it just sits there for hours. Make sure Wi-Fi on your i Phone is turned on and you’re close to the Wi-Fi router (that’s helped a couple of folks on the discussion thread).However, sometimes when you click Go on an update things go a little bit pear-shaped.In this tutorial we’ll look at what to do if your Mac stalls or freezes during a operating system software update.

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As always, before performing a system update of any kind, make sure you have all of your sensitive data backed up.