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Often, the moment we cease to care about our privacy coincides with the moment we decline to tap in our 16-digit card number, and while AVG has been cast as the villain for daring to make money from a product that it provides for zero pounds a pop, at least it's being upfront about it.With that slightly annoying mime video, it has come pretty close to saying "Tanstaafl" to its customers: if you're not prepared to pay for useful things, you will end up paying in some other, more nebulous way that's becoming increasingly difficult to quantify.What is happening is I cannot get Chrome to access the internet, at all. It is crucial for me to have this service, since this is my #1 choice for internet browsers, and (since I develop web-sites) I require it to work out cross-compatibility issues.I cannot work without this, so please, I do not need Firefox, Opera, IE, etc… I require as many popular browsers as possible, so that I may perform my ‘job’ as best as I can, and in all honesty, I find that chrome suites my profession better than other browsers.Now, with that out of the way, every browser that I have installed (IE, Opera, Firefox, Safari) all work fine, except for Chrome, and I only experience this problem after I update Windows 7.

WINDOWS 10 SUPPORTAVG has worked on Microsoft's latest operating system from day 1.Forum is part of Meteohub Forum: Meteobridge Forum To get the latest release running on your rig, just do a reboot or power-cycle.Chapters below illustrate new features and bug fixes that have been realized in current and previous releases.However, there is a forum, where you can share experiences, questions, wishes with other users.Please make use of this in favor to emails, as a wider public can participate of your insights and problem resolution recipes.

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My AVG automatically upgraded to AVG 2017 last week and since then it is blocking all access to to the internet - including access to the AVG website.

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